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Caning Canada - Seat Weaving While RVing

Vintage and Antique Chairs for Sale

Stored in Langley, B.C. and Available

Mid-October to Mid-April

Seat Weaving While RVing

Coming to a Town Near You

Vintage Child’s Bentwood Rocking Chair with New Cane - $200

This vintage child's rocking chair has been fully restored and painted a playful sage green. 

It's simply adorable.

The rocking chair we have on offer is a reproduction of an amazing timeless design.

The Gebrüder Thonet company was founded in 1819 by Michael Thonet to produce his chairs using a unique process of bending wood ("bentwood") that he designed. The company is still in business today, run by the fifth generation of Thonets, with headquarters in Frankenberg, Germany. The Thonet company is still best known for its bentwood caned rocking chairs, the first of which appeared in 1860. These have remained remarkably consistent in style since their first appearance as there is no reason to change such a remarkable design.

Rocking chairs are often seen as a place of nurturing, as the gentle rocking motion soothes infants and sends them off to sleep. They don't just soothe infants, they soothe everyone. 


Rocking chairs so comfortable because, when a user sits in one without rocking, the chair automatically rocks backward until the sitter's center of gravity is found providing an ergonomic comfort at an un-stressed position and angle.

The gentle rocking motion has been shown to provide a faster onset of sleep as it  mimics a parent rocking a child to sleep.

Not just for adults, for children and their favorite little friends too. 

Set of Four Restored Vintage Made in Sweden Chairs with Danish Cord Seats - $1,400 set

This beautiful set of four restored vintage made in Sweden dining chairs with Danish cord seats makes the perfect statement in your home.

Maker Unknown

These chairs are sturdy with freshly painted black frames and newly woven laced Danish cord seats.

Hand Caned Bistro Chairs - $200 each

Two Black Handwoven Cane Bistro Chairs

Antique Handwoven Cane Chair - $200

This delicate antique hand caned chair has been freshly woven to accent your home.