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How we Became Caning Canada - Seat Weaving While RVing

Seat Weaving While RVing

Coming to a Town Near You

We've loving every minute of our journey


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Cell: 403-613-5801
email: [email protected]

The Meeting Spot

David and I met at work what seems like a lifetime ago. We both had a great love for the outdoors and adventure. After several months of working together, I was looking for someone to go outdoor climbing with and knew that David climbed as well.


David and I went on our first date at Wasootch Slabs and became pretty much inseparable from that point forward. 

David proposed to me on Mount Yamnuska a couple of years later.

Then after years of not having time to get married, we finally did back at the slabs where we had our first date. 

Caning Canada Woven Furniture Repair

At Caning Canada - Seat Weaving While RVing, we have been providing quality seat weaving services since 1986. 

At Caning Canada we truly love the depth and character we find in all types of woven furniture from around the world and throughout the ages. I can't help but wonder if these pieces were living beings what stories and insight they could share. As a person who loves to let my mind wander in the past and hear a person's storey I often find myself daydreaming of what the piece I'm weaving wants to share.

Caning Canada wants to make the restoration of your family heirloom or newly discovered treasure obtainable therefore our pricing is based on weaving style, the material used, and the attachment process and not the value of the piece. 

My husband David and I have rented our house, allowing us to travel this beautiful country in our RV while bringing our weaving services to a town near you. Caning Canada offers Danish cord, seagrass, fibre rush, cane, rattan, flat reed, and Shaker tape weaving styles.

Our Travel Plans 2021

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan - Mid-July - Mid-August

Edmonton, Alberta- Mid-August to end of August

Cochrane, Alberta - September

Penticton, British Columbia - First two weeks of October

Vancouver Area - Mid-October - Mid-April

Our Travel Plans 2022

We will be driving from Vancouver to Toronto on the TransCanada Highway. If you are on our route and have a weaving project, send us a message.

We currently have projects booked in Calgary, Edmonton, Kelowna, Pentiction, Regina, Toronto, and Winnipeg.

Please send a photo of your weaving project to [email protected] or text us a 403-613-5801 showing the full piece, the top of the piece and the bottom so I can provide you with an estimate.

I will gather your contact details and add them to our booking list, then contact you before we get to your beautiful part of our country.

Seat Weaving While RVing

Coming to a Town Near You