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Caning Canada - Seat Weaving While RVing

Vintage and Antique Chairs for Sale

On Board and Available on Route

Seat Weaving While RVing

Coming to a Town Near You

All the chairs designed and produced by J.L. Moller Modelfabrik are crafted using old craft traditions, not an assembly line. Coupled with the artistry entwined in a woven seat of a chair, this set is worthy of appreciation.

Bring tactile texture and the timeless nature of natural materials into your space with this

stunning set of six Moller 71s designed in 1951 by N.O. Moller is next up in the restoration lineup at Caning Canada.

The sleek grains within the Brazilian rosewood are set off by the sexiness of the black Danish cord. The cord is a beautiful yet practical material choice for anyone looking for a family-friendly or party-friendly investment set.

Statement pieces like this set are key elements to your personal and unique home design. 

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A beautiful example of Hans Wegner's timeless piece The J16 Rocking Chair. 

Caning Canada has brought this iconic piece back to life in sage green with a freshly woven laced Danish cord seat.

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This ladder-back Danish midcentury modern side chair in rare Brazilian rosewood is in impeccable condition with a freshly woven Danish cord seat.

This chair is a stamped Model No 85 Chair by Niels Otto Moller for manufacturer J.L. Moller, 1981.

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Model 77 is one of the first dining room chairs that Niels Otto Møller designed in the series of "the new modern."

The dining is pure craftsmanship.

Niels Moller's Side Chair 77 was made in Møbelfabrik J.L. Møller, JLM, since its design in 1959.​

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Restored Pia Teak Dining Chair with Laced Danish Cord

Poul Cadovius designed the PIA Dining Chair for Royal Persiennen in 1958 and launched the chair in 1959.

He wanted to create a chair in the spirit of the time, inspired by other design chairs of the fifties, but lighter and more "petite," both in physical weight and design expression. The chair design has a "less is more" concept, focusing on the least possible material consumption while maintaining a high level of detail and excellent comfort.

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Chair Number 361 was designed by Poul Volther, produced by Frem Rojle in Denmark, and manufactured in the 1960s.

Poul M. Volther loved the simple manufacture of fine materials.

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Mid Century Modern Rope Chair restored with soft sage green to set off the character of the laced Danish cord.

This timeless, versatile Danish-style chair is perfect for extra seating, to use in a small living space, to bring along on a picnic, to sit peacefully sipping some tea or wine for a pick-me-up, or to lose yourself underneath a tree in the breeze.

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Caning Canada has restored two vintage Gio Ponti-style ladderback chairs.

Painted a soft and warm sage green to compliment the tones of the freshly woven seagrass seats.

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